Along with other essential components of your website, such as Contact Pages and FAQs, the “About Us” page is one of the vital things you’ll develop for your site.

In a nature where customers are keen to develop personal relationships with the firebrands that they buy from, an About Us page rectifies the stage for a strong relationship. This all-important part of your website spotlights your tale or goal, giving your patrons a chance to build an affinity with your brand.

Unfortunately, a lot of business leaders struggle to craft an effective “About Us” page, perplexing it either with a contact sheet, or a situate to quickly justify what the hell is sell in one preparatory paragraph.

Today, we’re gonna introduce you to the elements you need to build an About Us page that delivers real results.

What is an “About Us” Page for?

To write a great About Us page, you need to know why you’re creating one.

Whether you call it your “Story” or “Mission” page, or you simply use the title “The Team”, the About Us page is there to highlight the biggest and more attractive selling moments of your label or story.

You use this space to 😛 TAGEND

Describe the justification your business dishes Communicate the legend behind your business Ask how your commodities or services are delivered Put a face to your companionship, with real human unit members Persuade your clients that you’re worth their season.

Just as a Products page is there to tell your clients why they should buy your entries, an About Us page is one reason why they should buy from you.

Here are the elements that your sheet will need.

1. A Story

Even if your firebrand doesn’t have an emotional loser fib to tell, you can still explain why you started your business, and where you came from. This is a chance to explain what represents your company different. For instance, the brand uses it’s “Policies” page to explain it’s commitment to ethical the purchase and crusade animal tests 😛 TAGEND

It’s this kind of content that highlightings your purpose, and why people should care about you. Don’t be afraid to explain where you came from, and what establishes you different. Your purchasers want to see that there’s a whole laid of the human rights ardours behind your brand.

Also, remember you don’t have to tell your audience everything. Stick to the juicy parts of your storey- the things that will make an feeling impact.

2. Social Proof

Any firm can say it’s the most wonderful there’s ever been.

It makes something special for your customers to say that for you.

When you’re thinking of using a new concoction or trying a new busines, you don’t base your decisions on what the firebrand says about itself. You turn to other the consumers and patrons that have already be associated with the business.

Take this into account when you’re creating your “About Us” page.

Focus on things like 😛 TAGEND

Case studies: Attaches to success tales of previous clients can go down a plow. Or you are eligible to exactly use brief the examinations and excerpts from lawsuit studies on your About Us page. The examinations and stellar ratings: Star ratings are easy to add to an About Us page without taking up a lot of infinite. You are also welcome to included press mentions from other heading companionships. Awards and identification: If you prevailed anything for your service, made to ensure that your patrons be noted that on your “About” page.

3. Photos of Your Team

One crucial thing to remember about your About Us page, is that it should always be visual. Your customers want to see that there are real human people behind your symbol. Showing off high-quality photos of your unit is an excellent way to do that.

Great portraits clear you instantaneously more congenial and rest assured that you ogle as professional as is practicable to potential purchasers. Think about the distinctions between a selfie that one of your unit members took on their smartphone, and a professional image like the ones on the Endura Private Wealth website 😛 TAGEND

Remember to add some relevant information alongside the photos that you share. This will help to give more depth to the people in your team, so people can see that they’re real people.

Even if you only insert your benefactors and the top beings in your C-Suite, your About Us page can be an excellent way to demonstrate what kind of people start your business tick.

4. An Informative Video

It’s often difficult to find the right balance between require too much information, and not enough on your About Us page. You miss your customers to understand your company and what it stands for, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with your complete history.

If you is my finding that, after computing some information to your About page, it’s starting to look too cluttered or exhaustive, then it might be worth replacing some textbook with a video. A video or gallery of photos can mix up the media on your sheet and captivate more audience attention.

At the same time, with a video, you can cover more detail about your legend and your business, without having to force clients through clauses of text. Jason Snaddon uses a splendid informative video on his About Us page to really drive his word home 😛 TAGEND

Your video could even include an introduction to your flagship make or services extremely!

5. A CTA( Call to Action)

Once your customers are done reading your About page, you need to ensure that they know what to do next. That intends including at least one CTA on your About page.

For some people, a single CTA saying something like “Request a Quote” will be enough. For others, it might be worth using multiple CTAs, like Brian Dean does on his About page here 😛 TAGEND

Do some A/ B testing to figure out how many CTAs you should have, and where about it is required to kept them on your sheet. Remember, positioning is crucial to grabbing your audience’s attention at the privilege stagecoach in their buying journey.

Additionally, squandering the freedom conversation that navigates your patron to your product or service without being too pushy will protect your symbol reputation.

6. Contact Details

Finally, you are eligible to include a separate contact Us page on your website, but numerous people will expect to see this information on your About page extremely. If you don’t want to include all of your intelligence here, then you could consider adding a link to the “Contact Us” page as one of your CTAs.

Alternatively, add your list and a few social media buttons, then a link to a contact form where people can enter their items and application a quotation for your services.

Whatever you do, made to ensure that your contact details are up-to-date and accurate across all stages. This conveys regularly double-checking the information on your website, your Google My Business page, and more!

Tell Your Story The Right Way

When you’re first starting a new business, it can feel as though your About Us page isn’t that important. You’re brand-new to the marketplace, so you don’t have much to say. However, finding a way to connect with your gathering during this critical time is crucial.

As your business evolves, your floor will become more impressive too, allowing you to add more detail to your meaning. Remember, pay attention to how patrons respond to your sheet, and make changes as you grow.

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