I am changing an avocado tree from a grain and although it seems like something that can’t perhaps relate to public relations, its own experience has taught me a ton of PR readings! Avocado is a tricky plant to grow and fter several abortive attempts, finally sprouting a strong tree has caused me to reflect on the ways that gardening can be similar to managing a marketing campaign.

4 Public Relations Lessons From Growing An Avocado Tree

1. Think Simple: As simple as stretching the pit of an avocado from the food market, I love to find new foods that can be regrown expending merely scraps. While it’s not your first inclination to grow things from food market leftovers, sometimes the simplest approach is the one that works the most wonderful. Rather than sourcing tropical seeds and flowers all over the world, it’s an important PR lesson to remember that the best alternatives may be the ones right in front of you.

2. Be Prepared To Tweak Your Approach: Avocados are very temperamental floras in their very early stages so I’ve had to constantly move it around the house to find the location it liked the best. Even though it’s roughly two paws high, I still pay close attention to signs the bush communicates saying it’s receiving too much water or too much light. Like this finicky little tree, a good public relations safarus should be evaluated often and easy to tweakat a moment’s notice if you find a particular plan isn’t working.

3. Be Very Patient: Sprouting an avocado from a seed isn’t nearly as easy as buying fresh avocados from the store and I’ve had to be very patient to notice the plant’s growth. It took over a few months to sprout and the growth of the tree has been very slow. Public connects campaigns are similar; it’s important to allow 6-12 months at the minimum to notice very change.

4. Look To The Future: I’ve heard that to garden is to believe in the future and I’ve found that to be true! Who knows; in 10 years, I may time get an avocado! When planning for public relations, it’s also important to look at the big picture and imagine your plan for the future.

I’ve had to use different approaches, pattern composure and look to the future when thriving my avocado tree; these PR instructions can help inform your next campaign. Have you ever noticed these tasks when ripening a flora?

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